Electric Car Disadvantages: Myths Debunked

26th December 2022

In our years of installing electric vehicle charging points, we’ve heard it all when it comes to so-called Electric Car Disadvantages…

You shouldn’t be switching to electric vehicles for this reason….electric cars will be our downfall for that reason. Well, some of the things we hear are just too good not to cover, so we’ve created this post to hopefully shine a light on some non-truths to help stop the spread of misinformation.

Myth One: The ranges of Electric Vehicles are poor

It’s simple: this is no longer the case. Yes, in the past, ranges of electric cars were not up to the standard that they are now. However, technology has developed. Batteries have become longer-lasting and other technologies in electric vehicles have become more efficient meaning the range of an electric car is more than ample.

Take the Nissan Leaf, this has an average range of over 230 miles. The current Tesla model has 220. Rumour has it, the upcoming Tesla Roadster is to have a whopping range of 640 miles. When you consider the average person drives approximately 30 miles per day – you soon realise that an EV has all the range you’ll need.

Myth Two: Charging takes too long

Running an electric car does require a change in mindset.

Previously you will have been used to a petrol or diesel engine. Your fuel runs out or is getting low and you will have been to a garage to fill up.

Charging an Electric Vehicle is different. You don’t wait until the charge is almost out to “top up”. You charge more often in smaller amounts.

In the supermarket for half an hour? Charge up. At the office all morning? Charge up. The amount of charge you need will vary. Where you charge will vary. A lot of the charges you make may not cost you a penny as they are a perk from the service provider. But your car will constantly be charged.

When you’re not out and about, your vehicle can charge at home and switch itself off when complete.
Smarter charging takes place without you even thinking about it and while you’re busy doing other things.